Digital Detox Retreat in Bulgaria


5-Day Retreat in the Valley of Roses

Year after year we engage more and more with technology. Our babies watch baby movies suited for 0+ years of age. Our children learn online, we work remotely, we interact with our parents mostly through a digital screen.

The normality of holding a device has turned into a protective shield for us to see the real world around us. We have become accustomed to interacting through this shield rather than with the natural divine world.

Unfortunately, this unnatural interaction coupled with the puddle of frequency bands we bathe in, carries a whole array of health issues with it – from physical, to mental. 

While we cannot forgo the use of technology altogether, we can do it for a period of time – to detox, to rejuvenate, to restart with new energy for life. 

For the past two years pandemic restrictions had their say in escalating the digital detox problem.

As a company you are already seeing productivity issues and general work drop-out termed THE GREAT RESIGNATION.

As self-employed, you are likely seeing a drop in motivation and creativity.

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